Paruthi Paal-Cotton Seed Instant Latte Mix (Cold and Cough remedy/ Helps with Mensural Cramps)

Harness the power of proteins, essential fatty acids, and sugars with this cottonseed mix. Equally effective as an energy drink or as a tasty welcome drink, Paruthi Paal is a part of South Indian traditions and even remedies. As an antioxidant, it helps with cold and cough, irregular blood pressure, neurological imbalances, stomach ulcers and more, boasting of nearly limitless benefits! Effective as an energy drink, Paruthi Paal is a part of South Indian lives, traditions, and even remedies. It is a good source of calcium, a mineral crucial for maintaining strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. It can also support hormonal balance, provide essential nutrients, and promote overall wellness, making it a valuable addition to a woman's diet.
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1. WHY 'THE DIVINE FOODS' COTTON SEED MILK MIX?: 'The Divine Foods' Cotton Seed Milk Mix is a blend of unique ingredients such as Cotton seed milk, Palmyrah candy powder, Barley, Palm Jaggery, Liquorice, Thippli, Dry ginger, Aswagandha, Black pepper, Cardamom, Rice powder and Coconut powder.

2. HOW TO MAKE IT?: Take two spoons of 'The Divine Foods' Cotton Seed Milk Mix. Add 120ml of hot or warm milk. Stir the contents well and let them dissolve. It can also be consumed with warm water.

3. GOOD AGAINST STOMACH WORMS: 'The Divine Foods' Cotton Seed Milk Mix is traditionally believed to be good against stomach worms. It prevents stomach worms and enhances bowel movements. 

4. WHERE IT IS FROM? : The ingredients of 'The Divine Foods' Cotton Seed Milk Mix are sourced directly from local organic and non-GMO farmers in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. 

5. PURITY AND PACKAGING: 'The Divine Foods' Cotton Seed Milk Mix is free from added additives, artificial colours, flavours, adulterants and preservatives.