Premium Decoction Filter Coffee Decoction 200 gm (Pack of 2)

Need a great premium Filter Kaapi decoction that brings out a native South Indian flavor and is ready to go in 15 seconds? Look no further than Divine Foods’ premium Decoction, made from 100% Arabica coffee seeds that are hand-roasted for that alluring fragrance and pleasant aftertaste.
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1. HOW TO MAKE THE Divine Filter Kappi decoction ?: Divine Filter Kappi decoction is the highest quality coffee that you can enjoy in seconds. Just pour 15ml of the decoction, add hot water/milk and enjoy.

2. FOR AN AUTHENTIC FILTER COFFEE EXPERIENCE - Our beans are dried, hulled, and hand-roasted to retain the unique flavor profile of South Indian premium coffee.

3. HOW TO STORE IT ?"Storage Instructions: When Unopened, Store In A Cool, Dry Place Away From Direct Sunlight and consume within 6 months from the date of manufacture. - Once Opened, Store In The Same Pouch In A Refrigerator With The Cap Firmly Closed.

4. WHAT IS SPECIAL IN THE Divine Filter Kappi decoction ?: We carefully select the process to enhance the quality, bring out the flavors and aromas, and while keeping the quality of the coffee.

5. WHY THE Divine Filter Kappi decoction ?: No added sugar No artificial additives Added natural and natural identical flavors Shelf life: 6 months Each pouch makes 15 to 20 cups Consume within 10 days of opening. Refrigerate once opened.

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