Nutty Gulkand- Crunchy & Healthy Gulkand with Benefits of Nuts

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  1. WHY "THE DIVINE FOODS" Nutty Gulkand ?: ' The Divine Foods' Nutty Gulkand is collected from Nilgiris, Western Ghats, where flowering trees and plants grow in abundance. It is extracted from super beehives, engaging age-old techniques of honey extraction.
  2. PURITY ? : 'The Divine Foods' Nutty Gulkand are free from added additives, artificial colors, flavors and adulterants. It is 100% pure and has natural taste and aroma which enhances the flavor of every dish it is added to.
  3. IMMUNITY BOOSTING NUTRIENTS : Dry fruits mixed with honey are a great source of immunity-boosting nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin B, and Iron while nuts and honey for breakfast as it will support your body's digestion.
  4. BENEFITS: This Nuts in honey is a rich source of antioxidants, enzymes and essential minerals.Acts as a natural immunity booster and energy booster, very effective against cough and cold.gains the health benefits as well
  5. IS IT CERTIFIED ?: 'The Divine Foods Nutty Gulkand  is Fieche's tested for ensuring purity. It is one of the best tests done to check for the adulteration of honey in India. Not many honey products in the market do this test because the product has to undergo extensive testing to be claimed as adulteration-free.