Super Seeds Shots (Natural Remedy For Hair Growth) Guilty Free Snacking Made With 5 Premium Seeds

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1.WHY THE DIVINE FOODS SUPER SEED SHOTS? The Divine seeds mix is the highest quality of Super Seed Shots that you enjoy as a snack. All the ingredients are blended together perfectly and so the seed mix is made.

2. WHAT DOES THIS MIX DOES ? Good for menopause,very effective against cough and cold.They trigger energy levels and make you more active.

3.BENEFITS : Good source of Omega 3 - keeps heart and brain healthy.Rich source of minerals like calcium and magnesium,keeps bones healthy.Known to be very good for skin and anti-ageing

4. HOW TO USE ? Seeds mix tastes great as well. You can eat a spoonful in the morning or between meals as a quick and easy nutrition boost.Top it on your breakfast oats, granola, or healthy muesli to add some more nutrition.

5.PACKAGE CONTENT: 200g with goodness of Omega 3,Rich source of minerals like calcium and magnesium.These protein packed seeds are good for hair, skin and eyes.